Economy and exchange in the East Mediterranean during late antiquity : proceedings of a conference at Somerville college, Oxford, 29th May, 1999 ed. by Sean Kingsley and Michael Decker


The results of recent archaeological excavation, systematic rural survey and detailed studies of pottery distributions have revealed the extent and complexities of the economy in the eastern empire. The eight papers in this volume demonstrate this complexity and prosperity, examining several types of product and how the economy evolved over time. Contents: New Rome, new theories on Inter-regional exchange: East Mediterranean economy in Late Antiquity ( Sean Kingsley and Michael Decker ); Urban Economies of Late Antique Cyrenaica ( Andrew Wilson ); The economic impact of the Palestinian wine trade in Late Antiquity ( Sean Kingsley ); Food for an empire: wine and oil production in North Syria ( Michael Decker ); Beyond the amphora: non-ceramic evidence for Late Antique industry and trade ( Marlia Mundell Mango ); The economy of Late Antique Cyprus ( Tassos Papacostas ); LR2: a container for the military annona on the Danubian border? ( Olga Karagiorgou ); Specialization, trade and prosperity: an overview of the economy of the Late Antique Eastern Mediterranean ( Bryan Ward-Perkins ).

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Kingsley, Sean A.
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Decker, Michael J.
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Oxford, Oxbow books,
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Histoire économique -- Jusqu'à 500 -- Congrès | Histoire économique -- Moyen âge -- Congrès | Fouilles archéologiques -- Méditerranée (région) -- Congrès
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Méditerranée (région) -- Conditions économiques -- Congrès | Méditerranée (région) -- Antiquités -- Congrès
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