New Grub Street George Gissing


In New Grub Street George Gissing re-created a microcosm of London's literary society as he had experienced it. His novel is at once a major social document and a story that draws us irresistibly into the twilit world of Edwin Reardon, a struggling novelist, and his friends and acquaintances in Grub Street including Jasper Milvain, an ambitious journalist, and Alfred Yule, an embittered critic. Here Gissing brings to life the bitter battles (fought out in obscure garrets or in the Reading Room of the British Museum) between integrity and the dictates of the market place, the miseries of genteel poverty and the damage that failure and hardship do to human personality and relationships.

Auteur :
Gissing, George
Éditeur :
London, Smith, Elder & Co.,
Genre :
Langue :
Description du livre original :
1 vol. (560 p.)
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Table des matières

  • Part I.
    • Chapter I. A man of his day
    • Chapter II. The house of yule
    • Chapter III. Holiday
    • Chapter IV. An author and his wife
    • Chapter V. The way hither
    • Chapter VI. The practical friend
    • Chapter VII. Marian's home
  • Part two
    • Chapter VIII. To the winning side
    • Chapter IX. Invita minerva
    • Chapter X. The friends of the family
    • Chapter XI. Respite
    • Chapter XII. Work without hope
    • Chapter XIII. A warning
    • Chapter XIV. Recruits
    • Chapter XV. The last resource
  • Part three
    • Chapter XVI. Rejection
    • Chapter XVII. The parting
    • Chapter XVIII. The old home
    • Chapter XIX. The past revived
    • Chapter XX. The end of waiting
    • Chapter XXI. Mr Yule leaves town
    • Chapter XXII. The legatees
  • Part four
    • Chapter XXIII. A proposed investment
    • Chapter XXIV. Jasper's magnanimity
    • Chapter XXV. A fruitless meeting
    • Chapter XXVI. Married woman's property
    • Chapter XXVII. The lonely man
    • Chapter XXVIII. Interim
    • Chapter XXIX. Catastrophe
  • Part five
    • Chapter XXX. Waiting on destiny
    • Chapter XXXI. A rescue and a summons
    • Chapter XXXII. Reardon becomes practical
    • Chapter XXXIII. The sunny way
    • Chapter XXXIV. A check
    • Chapter XXXV. Fever and rest
    • Chapter XXXVI. Jasper's delicate case
    • Chapter XXXVII. Rewards


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