Adam Bede George Eliot


The exhilaration that comes from reading Adam Bede Owes its existence to the fact that on every page George Eliot seems absorbed in the process of spiritual discovery. The evocations of bygone rural life for which Adam Bede was so resoundingly praised on its publication in 1859 are charged with a personal passion that intensifies the novel's outer dramas of seduction and betrayal, and inner dramas of moral growth and redemption.

Auteur :
Eliot, George
Éditeur :
England, John Blackwood,
Genre :
Langue :
Description du livre original :
1 vol. (528 p.)
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Table des matières

  • Book One
    • Chapter I. The Workshop
    • Chapter II. The Preaching
    • Chapter III. After the Preaching
    • Chapter IV. Home and Its Sorrows
    • Chapter V. The Rector
    • Chapter VI. The Hall Farm
    • Chapter VII. The Dairy
    • Chapter VIII. A Vocation
    • Chapter IX. Hetty's World
    • Chapter X. Dinah Visits Lisbeth
    • Chapter XI. In the Cottage
    • Chapter XII. In the Wood
    • Chapter XIII. Evening in the Wood
    • Chapter XIV. The Return Home
    • Chapter XV. The Two Bed-Chambers
    • Chapter XVI. Links
  • Book Two
    • Chapter XVII. In Which the Story Pauses a Little
    • Chapter XVIII. Church
    • Chapter XIX. Adam on a Working Day
    • Chapter XX. Adam Visits the Hall Farm
    • Chapter XXI. The Night-School and the Schoolmaster
  • Book Three
    • Chapter XXII. Going to the Birthday Feast
    • Chapter XXIII. Dinner-Time
    • Chapter XXIV. The Health-Drinking
    • Chapter XXV. The Games
    • Chapter XXVI. The Dance
  • Book Four
    • Chapter XXVII. A crisis
    • Chapter XXVIII. A Dilemma
    • Chapter XXIX. The Next Morning
    • Chapter XXX. The Delivery of the Letter
    • Chapter XXXI. In Hetty's Bed-Chamber
    • Chapter XXXII. Mrs. Poyser "Has Her Say Out"
    • Chapter XXXIII. More Links
    • Chapter XXXIV. The Betrothal
    • Chapter XXXV. The Hidden Dread
  • Book Five
    • Chapter XXXVI. The Journey of Hope
    • Chapter XXXVII. The Journey in Despair
    • Chapter XXXVIII. The Quest
    • Chapter XXXIX. The Tidings
    • Chapter XL. The Bitter Waters Spread
    • Chapter XLI. The Eve of the Trial
    • Chapter XLII. The Morning of the Trial
    • Chapter XLIII. The Verdict
    • Chapter XLIV. Arthur's Return
    • Chapter XLV. In the Prison
    • Chapter XLVI. The Hours of Suspense
    • Chapter XLVII. The Last Moment
    • Chapter XLVIII. Another Meeting in the Wood
  • Book Six
    • Chapter XLIX. At the Hall Farm
    • Chapter L. In the Cottage
    • Chapter LI. Sunday Morning
    • Chapter LII. Adam and Dinah
    • Chapter LIII. The Harvest Supper
    • Chapter LIV. The Meeting on the Hill
    • Chapter LV. Marriage Bells
  • Epilogue


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