Chronicle of the Pharaohs : The reign-by-reign record of the rulers and dynasties of ancient Egypt Peter A. Clayton


Who was the first king of ancient Egypt, and who was the last? Which Egyptian queens ruled in their own right? What in fact do we know about the 170 or more pharoahs whose names have down to us? This book sets down in narrative form, using timelines, and other visual aids throughout, all the rulers and dynasties of Egypt in their chronological order, from Narmer, who first united the lands along the Nile, to Cleopatra 3000 years later. The biographical portraits of each pharoah build into a history of ancient Egypt. This is at once a work of popular history, a reference tool, and a visual introduction to the extraordinary diversity and richness of an ancient civilization. Other work by the author includes "Rediscovery of Ancient Egypt".

Auteur :
Peter A. Clayton
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Paris, Thames & Hudson
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Biographical accounts of all the 170 or more known pharaohs
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