The great Gatsby Francis Scott Fitzgerald


(Texte en anglais) ; No one knew where Jay Gatsby had come from or how he had become so rich. Everyone in New York went to the parties in Gatsby's beautiful house on Long Island. They ate his food and drank his wine. But he was interested in only one person, Daisy Buchanan. He would do anything to please her

Auteur  :
Fitzgerald, Francis Scott
Éditeur :
Heinemann (Oxford),
Collection :
Heinemann guided readers. Intermediate level
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Table des matières

  • Introduction
  • 1. Tom and Daisy
  • 2. Myrtle Wilson
  • 3. I meet Gatsby
  • 4. I have lunch with Gatsby
  • 5. Daisy and Gatsby: start of the dream
  • 6. Daisy comes to tea
  • 7. Gatsby's last party
  • 8. The hottest day of summer
  • 9. Death in the evening
  • 10. The end of a dream
  • 11. I go back to the West
  • Points for Understanding
  • Glossary


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