The English patient Michael Ondaatje


(Texte en anglais) ; "Ondaatje's novel about love and confusion set at the end of the Second World War follows a small group of shell-shocked characters. In descriptive prose of spectacular beauty, he invents a desert world which is both physical and imaginative. This is one of the few truly great post-war novels"

Auteur  :
Ondaatje, Michael
Éditeur :
Picador (London),
Langue :
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Table des matières

  • 4me de couverture
  • I. The Villa
  • II. In Near Ruins
  • III. Sometime a Fire
  • IV. South Cairo 1930-1938
  • V. Katharine
  • VI. A Buried Plane
  • VII. In Situ
  • VIII. The Holy Forest
  • IX. The Cave of Swimmers
  • X. August
  • Acknowledgements


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