Electric brae : a modern romance Andrew Greig


It is neither urban nor male-centred nor angry. Instead it is distinguished by its breadth of sympathy and generosity of vision. At its centre is the crumbling sea-stack of the Old Man of Hoy and the consuming relationship between a young artist, Kim, coldly passionate, talented, secretive, and Jimmy, a North sea roughneck, engineer and climber

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Greig, Andrew
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(Texte en anglais) .
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Table des matières

  • 4me de couverture
  • [Préambule]
  • Part I: Kim's Game
    • One
    • Two: Rizla
    • Three: Photo
    • Four: Bluebird
    • Five: Plectrum
    • Six: Whisky cap
    • Seven: Kidney bean
    • Eight: Ticket
    • Nine: Plastic soldier
    • Ten: Shell case
    • Eleven: Orange
    • Twelve: Skimmy stone
    • Thirteen: Key
  • Part II: Scissors, Paper, Stone
    • Fourteen: The Golden Triangle
    • Fifteen: Scissors cut paper
    • Sixteen: Disappearing Gully
    • Seventeen: Stone breaks scissors
    • Eighteen: Shetland
    • Nineteen: Stone breaks scissors
  • Part III: The Internal Combustion Engine
    • Twenty: Reconditioning
    • Twenty-one: Intake
    • Twenty-two: Compression
    • Twenty-Three: Explosion
    • Twenty-four: Exhaust
    • Twenty-five: The Equations
    • Twenty-six


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